Treat Your Aging Pup With These Dog Grooming Tricks

Dogs are mankind’s best friend and have earned terrific treatment. Older dogs have been reliable best friends for many years. They have enriched the life of their owners and should have treated like family.

USA Today qualifies senior dogs as at least age six or 7. They also say that there are about 10,000 senior dogs in the US that need ownership at any given time. That number can increase after a national disaster or economic downturn.

Grooming your older dog is a great way to demonstrate that you care. Grooming increases health and appearance for the benefit of you and the dog. Older dogs are more complicated to groom, but they need it more than the young pups.

Read on to learn more about dog grooming tips for beloved senior dogs.

Basic Dog Grooming Tips

Grooming dogs, particularly older canines, isn’t about looking great. It is not about making your dog smell like roses. It’s about keeping the dog healthy.

Consistency is crucial when it comes to grooming your senior dog. Do some basic grooming every day, week and month depending on the area. The more often you groom your dog, the more used to it they will be.

A lot of people need help when it comes to keeping their senior dog groomed. They bring their canine to a groomer, vet or dog parlor.

Don’t take your elderly dog to the cheapest groomer in the area. Odds are they won’t have the best-trained employees and your best bud won’t enjoy the trip.

Here are some more specialized areas of pet grooming to consider:


Bathing is a great one to start with since it is pretty obvious. Dogs don’t always smell like roses. Anyone who has owned a dog knows that they stink if you don’t bathe them often and clean them up when they have dirty.

The ASPCA recommends that dogs get a bath at least once every three months. Do this more often as long as the process isn’t strenuous for the dog.

More mature dogs are tougher to have into an old-fashioned bathtub for cleaning. Walk-in showers or hosing off outdoors is usually the best way to go to avoid joint distress.

Don’t forget to clean behind the ears!

Hair Trimming

Depending on the breed of your dog, fur can also have quite matted. Matted fur can be painful, itchy and restricting. It can also become an area that gets infected.

Dog hair also requires washing, conditioning and blow-drying like any other hair. Dogs have split ends like United States!

More mature dogs might not have the same shiny coat that they used to have when they were younger. This doesn’t mean you can’t maximize the health of their fur.


Over the many years your dog has scratched up your furniture, floors or even you on occasion. It wasn’t on purpose of course and you still love them anyway.

Whether they scratch or not, nails need trimming on a regular basis. Dogs might end up licking or chewing on their nails and paws if it isn’t done. For older dogs, this means an increased risk of infection and complication.

It could also help them maintain a proper grip. When they are walking, their nails help to avoid slipping. Nails also make it less difficult to have up or lay down on certain surfaces.

It’s not as easy as using a pair of nail clippers though. Like many animals, part of dog nails have nerve endings. You need to be cautious not to clip or file them too low.

Tick and Flea Prevention

Even dogs that don’t spend much time outdoors can have ticks and fleas. It only takes one quick bathroom break on the lawn to pick up these dangerous parasites.

Tick and flea prevention and treatment is crucial for older dogs during grooming. More mature dogs may have lower immune systems.

Ticks can cause Lyme disease which can make dogs sick. Fleas can cause excessive scratching along with hair loss and irritated skin.   Treatments like tick and flea shampoo will help to clear up the problem. Medication to treat or prevent these pests is also a regular course of action.

Give Your Dog the Best Treatment

Keep these mature dog grooming tips in mind next time your pal requires a tune-up. Your kind canine deserves to look and feel their best.

If you’re going to work with grooming professionals, work with the best. Don’t try to use discount dog grooming services that will end up neglecting your pooch. Go with the best in the industry since 1978.

Contact United States today to set up your grooming appointment or veterinary visit for your dog. Our experienced vets perform all kinds of animal care and surgery as well.